• A system of empty-handed self-defense, developed by Shihan Hideto Otsu, based on Karate’s most practical and effective techniques.
  • A traditional Japanese method of mental and physical conditioning adapted for today’s needs.
  • An opportunity for any man, woman or child to develop strength, flexibility, fitness and self-confidence.
  • A logical strategy which combines basic technique with maximum efficiency.

What takes place in OTSU DOJO KARATE training?

  • Every class in Otsu Karate begins with warmups and stretching, followed by a routine of basic punches, blocks and kicks from a stationary stance.  These basics are important to novice and veteran alike.
  • For the rest of class, these basic techniques are used in practical applications.  Students practice combination techniques and work with partners using arm guards. In addition to self-defense and Katas.
  • The only competition in our dojo is within the student, to try to be the best he or she can be, OTSU DOJO KARATE is for anyone who is interested in learning and willing to work at it.  The strategy and techniques are designed to be effective regardless os size.  An OTSU DOJO is dedicated to the traditional values of courtesy, respect, and challenge as a way to develop and improve oneself.